The Temple of Lights is no place for weaklings. Jo will have to be on his guard that he does not have to compete against the best black belt lady. Read it all.

1 The Temple

In a concrete arena, the best gladiators fight to survive. Being foreign, Jo stumbled into the audience, but much too late he sees the great danger. He can't stay a spectator forever.

2 Serving

In prison, Jo learns he should train to keep up. But the best fighters are into karate. Jo looks for a way out and understands that only one thing can bring freedom: a strong will to survive.

3 Decisions

Jo believes in learning by observing. A big mistake, because he loses time to train. New danger occurs, as two tribes of gladiators face each other. And Jo is used to be on the losers side.

4 Treachery

The situation is hopeless. Jo knows he won't have a chance, if he had to fight. With luck he can avoid this fate by wiping the mats as a cleaner. But how long will this defense stand?


This edition contains the revised and improved volumes 1 to 5 of the Low Blow series. In my opinion the best choice. 



Das Buch gibt es auch auf Deutsch. Eine moderne Schauergeschichte, ein invertiertes Boxerdrama, ein surreales Endspiel. Man staunt.